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What makes the price of gold fall?

  1. Many People may say that Golds Prices Fall when Stock markets rise.
  2. Some will Talk about Demand and Supply.
  3. Some refer it as a fear indicator so, if fear rises amongst the equity market Gold prices rise and if all things and global events are doing well, in other words no fear then Gold prices fall.

While, the fact is that the prices of all the stocks and commodities including Gold are governed by Planets and cluster of stars known as Zodiacs. I am not talking about Astrology but Astronomy. Which is just simple a method by which a reversal could be predicted by knowing which planets to look at. I have tested these Methods myself and predicted market and stocks reversals in advance many times using these methods.

You may understand very simply that Sun causes day and night, our body cycles and body clocks are tuned with sun. Photosynthesis in plants is dependent on SUN. So we can say that is there is no SUN then there will be no life. We have to accept that SUN has some powers and so have all the other planets got. If we could look market is this manner and understand the magnetic currents and energy flows of these planets then we may find a method which could be used to predict the Reversals in the Gold or any other trading commodity.

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