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How to open a Demat Account?

Open a  Demat account online  with a reputed broker like   Arihant Capital  in just 10 minutes. But before getting into the process, let’s understand what a Demat Account is and why is it so important...
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What to know before Buy Debt

We all know about debt. If you don’t have too much as an individual you can increase the quality of your life, but with more than you can handle it can make your life a nightmare. There are two kinds ...
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Best Performing Stocks to buy in 2022

The previous calendar year was a remarkable one for the Indian markets. And it was one of the best years in recent memory, as well. The National Stock Exchange's Nifty returned 22 per cent, and the BS...
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Blockchain - The Technology Behind Cryptocurrency

All of us have heard of Cryptocurrency – the digital currency but not many know of blockchain - the technology behind Cryptocurrency. In Today’s blog, we shall know a bit about what Blockchain is and ...
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Earn Tax Free Income with Tax Free Bonds

    investing in tax free bonds   After the past year of massive turmoil in the economy and the markets, investors are wondering where they can  invest in tax free bonds  that is relatively safe and s...
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What is ETF and how do they work?

An ETF or exchange-traded fund is a type of investment fund that can be bought and sold on stock markets.  Mutual fund companies made 18 exchange-traded funds (ETFs) this year. They range from those t...
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India’s Electric Vehicles sales will hit 10 lakh this year: SMEV

Electric Vehicles: The country's sales of electric two-wheelers (E2Ws) doubled in 2021 to 2,33,971 units, SMEV reported. SOURCE:  IPOINFO   India gears up for the electric vehicle revolution! Sales of...
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Myths about health insurance addressed in five easy steps

Health insurance policy  - Many consumers are unaware of their plans' terms and restrictions. Nowadays, with unhealthy lifestyles, polluting environments, rising infectious diseases, stressful job liv...
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Investor Guide for Tax Free Bonds

Anybody between the age of 16 and 55 has the ability to invest in Tax Free Bonds in India . Compared with other forms of savings, account owners will have the ability to withdraw a lump sum, with incr...
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Top 10 mutual funds to invest in 2022

Top 10 mutual funds : Is this your first time investing in a mutual funds? Don’t start your investments by looking for “top 10 mutual funds” on the internet. Here’s a little help for you. Many people ...
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Biggest insurance entity LIC IPO likely to hit the market in March'2022

Life insurance corporation Of India was formed when the Parliament of India passed the Life Insurance of India Act on 1 September 1956, which nationalized the insurance industry in India. Over 245 ins...
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Should You Invest in Cryptocurrency?

Yeah!!!! We have touched base with a question that has been hovering around everyone’s mind since quite some time now, Should You Invest in Cryptocurrency? Technological landscape is evolving at a bre...
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