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Dalai Lama

Stockadda.com is the best online investors community in India. It is our endeavor to bring the investing community in India closer to each other and encourage sharing, transparency and collaboration of knowledge, thoughts, ideas and conversations as we believe that Sharing is Growing.

As the world is getting interconnected, The future of investing is social, with Stockadda.com you can connect with one another and tap into the wisdom of the large investing network, which in turn would empower you to make smarter and well informed investment decisions.

It’s better to hang out with people better than you.
Pick out associates whose behavior is better than yours,
and you’ll drift in that direction.

Warren Buffet

On Stockadda.com we have various collaborative, informational & tracking features like : Social Networking, Detailed Quotes and Data, Portfolio Tracking, Stock Picks, Blogs, Discussion Boards, Curated books, Directory of rescources, Groups, Events and much more.. Furthermore most of the features have individual leader-boards, so that you can identify and connect with the leaders.

Stockadda aims to remain a totally free service, each and everyone is open to contribute, consume and take advantage of stockadda.com!

Stockadda.com is still in beta and we thank the early contributors who have helped us evolve this platform, we look forward for continued support from the community. We have plans to introduce more advanced features like Stock Screeners, Technical charting and much more.

We are open to new ideas which can help us offer new services and features, drop us a line using our "contact us page" and we'll surely evaluate and implement.

We are Stockadda.com :: For the people ...By the people.

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