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How to Make Money Trading Derivatives

How to Make Money Trading Derivatives Featured Hot

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Author : Ashwani Gujral    |  Category : Derivatives  |  Pages : 280 pages
Publisher : Vision Books  |  Format : Paperback  |  Language : English

How to Make Money Trading DerivativesThis is a pioneering book on trading Indian futures and options written by an expert who does so for a living.
It is an insider's guide which spans the three aspects of successful trading: Charting and entry techniques, Money and trade management and Profitable approaches and appropriate precautions for these three futures trading strategies

Following aspects are covered in the book:

Based on an insider's expertise and experience of trading Indian futures and options, the book is packed with proven strategies and examples of real trades in the Indian derivatives market.
The author boldly asserts that "derivatives have changed the Indian trading landscape forever... It is, finally, possible to make a fortune on the Indian stock market."

About the Author: Ashwani Gujral has an academic background from both engineering and finance. He completed BE (Electronics and Communications) from M.I.T. Manipal, 1993 and later he achieved his MBA (Finance) from Georgetown University, Washington DC, USA, 1995. He regularly writes for various US journals and specialist magazines on technical and trading analysis.

News Channels like NDTV and CNBC have regularly featured him as an expert for sharing his views and providing comments on stocks and the Indian economy.

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