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Reliance Retirement Fund Meet – The Future Is Here

reliance retirement fund



Reliance retirement fund is an investment plan belonging to the new fund offers’ criteria. It has been up for grabs since 22nd January, 2015.

Reliance retirement fund is a new age investment plan for the elderly so that, you don’t have to suffer because of declination of income.




Minimum Age Requirement               |   30

Return since Launch


Minimum Investment (R)


Minimum Additional Investment (R)


Minimum SIP Investment (R)


Minimum No of Cheques


Minimum Withdrawal (R)


Minimum Balance (R)


Exit Load (%)

One percent if redeemed before reaching the age of sixty years


Why to Buy Reliance Retirement Fund?

Reliance retirement fund is an investment plan belonging to the new fund offers’ criteria. It has been up for grabs since 22nd January, 2015.

Reliance retirement fund is a new age investment plan for the elderly so that, you don’t have to suffer because of declination of income.

The key attractions of this pension scheme are:

1.    It is the pioneer in investment plans that are equity oriented wherein funds are invested in the form of equity shares.

2.    This investment plan looks to provide fixed income securities and balance in equity and equity related instruments.

3.    It generates income over long term paired with capital growth.


Features and Benefits

The Reliance Retirement Fund is bountiful with many beneficial attributes. The features of this investment plan include:

1.    The Reliance Retirement Fund is an open ended scheme which means investment in this plan is welcome at all times.

2.    As mentioned earlier, it is an equity oriented scheme. It is a pension mutual fund.


3.    This fund can be further divided into two different schemes:

·       Reliance Retirement Fund – Wealth Creation Scheme: This scheme is suitable for people whose retirement age is at least 30 years away from their current age. It is equity oriented where exposure ranges from 65% to 100%.

·        Reliance Retirement Fund – Generation Income Scheme: This scheme is more advantageous for people whose retirement is 5 to 7 years away since it is debt oriented with exposure ranging from 70 to 95%.

4.    Interchange between the two investment plans is free of charge.

5.   It provides “auto transfer facility” which suggests that upon reaching 50 years of age, the wealth creation scheme is switched to income generation scheme.

6.   Upon reaching 60 years of age, you can opt for the monthly, quarterly or yearly systematic withdrawal plan.

7.     Employers can deduct the SIP from your monthly salary and join this investment plan.

8.     Investment in this scheme is applicable for tax exemption regardless of the amount invested.


Who Can Invest?

The following people are allowed to invest in this scheme:

1.    Adult Indian residents – singularly or jointly (with a maximum of 3 people)

2.    Non resident Indians and people of Indian origin living abroad.

3.    Parents or lawful guardians on behalf of minors.


Inclusions of This Investment Plan

The perks of Reliance Retirement Fund include:

1.    The aim of this investment plan is to invest your corpus retirement accumulation using equity. Most of us are unaware of the bonuses of investing in equity over the long term compared to fixed deposits or endowment plans.

2.    Tax exemption is a boon for people investing in this plan. Losing control over one’s investments is a common problem if taxation is applied on the principal.


Exclusions of This Investment Plan

The few glitches in the Reliance Retirement Fund include:

1.       Auto Transfer Facility – If the transfer date is not mentioned, the swapping from the wealth creation scheme to the income generation scheme occurs at the age of 50 years. If your retirement age is delayed to 65 years of age, then your accumulated corpus will suffer due to the debt oriented approach of the income generation scheme.

2.   Income generation scheme is a debt fund. So, it is unrequited when one’s accumulation period is higher than 10 years because debt funds are riskier for longer periods.



Documents Required for Application Process

A date of birth proof is mandatory for investors to provide. The following documents are accepted as a date of birth proof and should be submitted along with the application form:

  1.       PAN card
  2.       Passport
  3.       Birth certificate issued by Municipal Corporation or Indian Embassy
  4.       Matriculation or SSC certificate
  5.       Domicile certificate of issued by the government of India
  6.       Affidavit sworn before a magistrate confirming date of birth


The benefits of this investment plan are vast. Tax exemption is one of the key factors making this a great pension scheme to invest in. So, at old age, it is better to depend on a trusted investment scheme rather than an accumulated corpus of your own which may run out at any time.



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